The Power of the Phonebook Compels You!

While we were in Rome, Bear and I discarded practically every Lenten resolution and went into the Vatican bookstore (it doesn't count because the money goes to the Church, right? Right?!). In that shrine of all things theological (though not necessarily written in English), I found the Phonebook.

The Phonebook, so dubbed by its color-coded scheme that vaguely resembles the Yellow Pages, lists practically every ritual prayer, ever: chaplets, novenas, rosaries, litanies, prayers of petition, reparation, promises, mysteries, and recommendations. Your prayerbook may have the Litany of the Holy Spirit, but the Phonebook has a prayer to ward off witchcraft. When the Wiccans beat down my door, I'll be ready.

I kept the Phonebook in my carry-on during the flight home from Italy (I'd like to say it kept me from being a miserable misanthrope, but it didn't). With nothing to do for ten hours but gripe about the screaming Puerto Rican teenagers sprawling on
every frickin' side of me, I messed with the Phonebook. I made lists of novenas. I memorized prayers. I begged the Blessed Mother to stop me from kicking the seat in fromt of me. Then I sorted all those novenas and prayers by date.

I'll be posting lots of those prayers and novenas here. I'll start with those prayers for Good Friday. We've got a week; I'll be praying with these.

These prayer will be in the text of the blog, not linked. If I link them, you might not click them. So, in the spirit of the Phonebook's real title, Pray, Pray, Pray!

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Mattheus Mei said...

That's awesome, can't wait to see it!!!