Barack Obama and the Politics of Hope

Just go read the speech.
This man is the greatest of our generation. He appeals to the best in us instead of the worst. He gives us hope instead of the same old politics. He gives us an image of ourselves that is both honest and hopeful.
And he gave this speech in PA, no less. Take it from me: they are more racist there than we are in SC. In SC, we see African-Americans every day. We work with them, interact with them. In PA, many whites only see African-Americans on the street corners. They associate them with the inner cities and with crime. White Philadelphians are terrified of North Philadelphia. Why? Black people.
So for Obama to give this speech in PA has special meaning for me. For him to give this speech across from Independence Hall, the birthplace of our freedom ... he tries together our collective American Dream.
After the Democratic National Convention in 2004, I wanted to believe. Now I do.
Yes we can. Oh, yes we can.

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