on reading the Passion

I was the Voice in the Passion today, reading the words for Judas, Caiaphas, and Pilate, plus Peter denying Jesus. I knew that as I read, through my sins, these words are the response I have to Jesus every day. Every time I lie, talk behind people's backs, curse, or listen to obscene music, like Judas, I hand Him over to be crucified.

When I think of the crucifixion, I always think of the crowds yelling for Him to be killed. His own people betrayed Him, said they did not know Him, and every time we sin, we become part of that crowd.

So whenever I think of the crucifixion, I always think how I would rather be one of the women who comfort Jesus and cry over his ill-treatment. He said to St. Faustina (basically) that those souls who love Him and who pray were a great comfort to Him while He suffered and died. I want to always be one of those souls. That's why I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet so much.

I'm going to try to keep in mind these thoughts during Holy Week. Maybe, by doing that, I can be a little better.

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