Mary or Master Shake?

For my first post, I should probably say something profound. But ...
Last night, totally sleep-deprived, Bear and I were navigating Malfunction Junction when we saw one of those cars. You know what I mean: low/no profile tires, neon underside, chromed-out spinners, rusted-out bumper, Mexican flag: Someone's souped up your mom's old eighties-era sedan. Standard, but with one variation: Our Lady of Guadalupe on the back window. Nothing huge or bizarre, just a small image of Our Lady.

I pointed it out to Bear. "We should get one of those for our car."
"One of what?" he asked. He thought I meant the neon.
"Our Lady of Guadalupe."
"Where we would put it?"
"Um, on the car."
"What, on the bumper? So our car could have a University of Richmond Spider, a Gamecock, a Phish sticker, Master Shake, and Our Lady? Come on. That implies a disturbing kind of equivalency."

I tried to explain to him that, in a bedroom, one's Phish poster would be a certain size, and the picture of one's mom would be far smaller. You wouldn't blow your mom up to poster size. He found this argument unconvincing.
"It's a bedroom. That's different. You can put up a Catholic Worker sticker if you want. But no Lady of Guadalupe on the Honda."

Bear had the car before he had me, so I dropped it. But I'm still not convinced.
Maybe I'll put some of those big Mexican candles in the kitchen. But then I'd have to go to Wal-Mart.


Mattheus Mei said...

awww!!! The first shall be last and the last shall be first though :-p - Glad you guys are back, and welcome to the wonderful world of wasting time, I mean, blogging!

I've added y'all to the blog-o-roll, look forward to continue reading your thoughts and work :)

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We've always gotten our giant Mary candles from the Mexican section of the Kroger or BiLo. No need to go to Wally World. I second my borther in welcoming you to the blog-o-sphere.